Welcome to Your Golf Place

Your Golf Place, find out the latest news, views and reviews on the latest equipment or issues affecting your golf game.

It is also a place for Golfers to hang out and find quality and unique golf tips and instruction. A place for you to learn, be inspired and inspire others. We also offer a personalized service to help you learn to play better golf!

Your Golf Place was founded to share the 25 years experience, both playing professional golf tours around the world and teaching all levels of golfers from complete beginners to professionals. A means to pass on that knowledge to the passionate and dedicated golfer who is yearning to play better golf.Taking a holistic approach encompassing all elements of golf body, mind and swing into our signature product, The Golf Improvement Model.

Golfers Jim KennedyAt Your Golf Place we understand one swing does not fit all and we’re passionate about helping golfers tap into their unique golfing DNA.

We are dedicated to developing the latest online information products to assist golfers to accelerate their learning and to reach a global audience. Although Jim Kennedy is not well known for coaching celebrity golf professionals or touring professions, is more known as the “Peoples Coach”. Teaching your average golfer who has no inspiration of becoming a golf professional – but simply finding more enjoyment and satisfaction from improving their own game.

You will become your own Golf Pro and therefore be able to auto-correct when things go wrong. Good Luck and Good Golfing!

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Your Golf Place is jam packed with information that will keep you up to date and on top of your game.

We also offer a hand holding program called “Learn to Play Better Golf” for those who would like some personal guidance along the way

Our promise to you is a greater understanding of your unique golf swing.

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