Useful Mobile Golf Apps

Useful Mobile Golf Apps

Little has changed in the game of golf over the last 500 years or so, however the technology we now use to play has.

It seems almost monthly products are changing and the technology available to us is getting better and better. New discoveries in materials and manufacturing means golf balls are flying further and further.

From a frictionless tee for balancing that little white ball, to how we travel over the fairways literally nowadays with the latest mode of transport, not making the golf cart redundant but superseded now by the hovercraft.

So what has this all done to the game of golf. Are we getting lazier and lazier as a whole? we even have robots now that can hit the golf ball for us – but where would the fun in that be?

However there are simple little things that technology can bring to the table without it taking the enjoyment away from the game.

I am talking about simple apps that can help us enjoy the game more. Here is one I think that will also help make the game faster.

I have already written about my frustration on how slow play is getting regardless of the technology available to us, pace of play is getting worse and worse – and considerably so.

Thus my desire to help you guys out there to stay out of the slow bunch and help you play faster better golf. If you have missed that article, then click on tips to play faster, better golf to find out more.

This particular little app I think will be very beneficial for most golfers who are keen to play by the rules, and not make up their own as they go along.

I am talking about the Rules of Golf by R & A which allows you to ditch your hard copy rule book and have yours with you on your phone while you play. As you know the R & A is the home of golf and this app provides the official, fully illustrated version of the rulebook on your phone.


This is also handy for someone who would like to familiarize themselves with the rules of golf whenever they may have a little spare time to study them off the course.

This would be my tip, you can get The Rules Of Golf put out by the United States Golf Association (USGA) at a small fee of $3.99 and is available for OIS and Androids.

If you would like me to review an app you have found and evaluate it’s usefulness, then let me know. You can ask a question or leave a comment below.

Good Golfing

Jim Kennedy

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