Golf Equipment

Poorly Fitted Golf Equipment is One of The Greatest Causes of Golf Swing Problems I See When Teaching

Club Fitting

“Club fitting is the only part of golf improvement that can be bought” by Harry Vardon

Whether it be your Woods, Irons, Wedges or Putters, poorly fitted Golf Equipment is one of the greatest causes of Golf Swing Problems I see when teaching. I know that is quite a bold statement but unfortunately it is true.

There’s many different aspects to Club Fitting such as shaft, length, flex, type and weight, club head, the low angle, the offset, the shape, whether it be a blade or cavity, then you’ve got your grip, thickness and the material type, the loft of the club, the ball flight height, the preferences with woods and wedges, and then of course your set make up. Now that’s relative to skill level as well and preferences to the course.

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