The Secret Of Your Consistent Golf Game Is Hidden Inside Your DNA And The Balance Of 7 Factors

We can show you how you can tap into your golf swing DNA

I am guessing the reason you are here is you haven’t yet found the answers to your golf game that you have been looking for. Your Golf Place, which has been 25years in the making, gives you an understanding and hopefully the answers you have looking for. Our aim is to help you understand YOUR golf swing and golf game – not THE golf swing and golf game.

Traditional Golf Instruction is a swing it “One-Way” method or program. However, at Your Golf Place our philosophy is more a swing It “YOUR WAY” method – what works best for you and your swing model.

The Secret Of Your Consistent Golf Game Is Hidden Inside Your DNA And The Balance Of 7 Factors

We like the saying “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man a fish and you feed him for life.” So we hope to feed you for life so that you too can enjoy this great game as much as we have over the years.

So that’s why we have put together the Golf Improvement Model that will help you become your own golf prof or golf coach.

The Seven Key Factors That Make Up The Golf Improvement Model

Golf Improvement Model

  1. Physical
    The physical aspect is all about understanding YOUR swing model, strengths and weaknesses. Therefore enhancing ball control, consistency, while preventing injuries. This increases success and enjoyment of the game. Because just one swing method does not fit all golfers.
  2. Mental
    Find out How to bridge the gap between amateur and pro in this aspect of the game. 90% of the game of golf is between the ears. Discover tools to get you in the zone so you’re playing at your most elite consistently.

    The mental aspect of the game is as Jack Nicklaus says, equates to 90% of the game. Here we explore how important the Pre-Shot Routine is to getting us in the Zone and mentally prepared for each shot.

  3. Putting
    Don’t always believe what your eyes see……..

    Understand how your eyes and instincts can deceive you. Just like a magic trick deceives your eyes, so too can the golf course and your putter. The answer to your putting problems will be found here.

  4. Technology
    It’s like opening Pandora’s box when we talk about technology and unfortunately a little bit of knowledge is dangerous. Understand the true effects technology plays in your game. Clarify the myths between marketing hype and practical application so that the money you do spend equates to golf improvement.
  5. Tactical
    Unfortunately this is an unknown area for most golfers. They are never really taught how to strategically play a round of golf – it seems it is more of a hit and miss for most when I play with amateurs. Once again we need to curb the goal here and play within our limits.
  6. Scoring
    This is an area of the game that I get great satisfaction out of when working on my own game or teaching a student to improve their short game. I see a huge number of shots wasted in this area alone and it is not that hard to make great headway with a few key considerations.
  7. Technical
    Last but not least in the Golf Improvement Model is the technical aspect of the game. Here we will break the swing down into the swing fundamentals, which I call them the 5 keys to consistency and also the swing principles.We will go deeper into understanding how power works, controlling the ball flight and getting better contact with the ball. You will see some of the principles in the golf swing explained in a very different way, my unique way which has achieved great results.

So if you would like further information on any of these aspects of your game, then click on that link

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