Developing Great Touch In Your Short Game

Developing Great Touch In Your Short Game

One of the things that I was so blessed with when I first started out was a great short game. People would say that I could get it up and down out of a ball washer, little did they know I practiced from all different lies and places, although never figured out how to get it out of the ball washer with the golf club.At my old club, we had a chipping green up the top of the hill and over to the side of it was a round concrete ring laying on the ground that was about 2 feet high. The green keeper put sand in there so we could fill our divots after we finished practicing, but that was a great spot to practice those difficult lies out of a bunker. My Golf Pro first threw a ball in there one day, 1 of the 10 balls he threw around the green in 10 different locations and said, don’t leave here until you get 80% up and down.You can imagine the hours I spent working toward that goal. In hindsight, I understand why he did it, I just thought at the time he was mad at me. It did teach me how to develop great touch for me short game that saved me many many shots.

One little trick he got me to do was practice chipping into a bucket. Now you can even do this at home or down the park too if you wish. I would get 10 balls and throw them out all different distances and lies. I would start with my lob wedge (60 degrees) and try to lob them into the bucket.

It taught me how to use my natural instincts. He first got me doing it with my hand, just trying to throw the ball and land it in the bucket. He got me to do it with my eyes closed at first then open. He said that when we are addressing the ball, we cannot see the target even with our eyes open, so I need to have a picture in my mind’s eye of where it is. Then swing and your hand-eye co-ordination will do the rest.

When I am out on the course, I just pick a spot a couple of yards from the edge of the green where I want to land the ball, then with the correct club selection, I try to land the ball on that spot and let the ball roll up to the hole. It never ceases to amaze me the number of golfers that have all this golf equipment in their golf bag, but when they get up around the greens, keep going for that same old wedge over and over again. They pick a spot a few yards away from the hole and lob it all the way up there.

Now statistics will tell you if you are a basketball fan, that it is far easier to shoot a basket from the free throw line than it is from behind the 3 pointer line. Why, because the target is closer. So it amazes me when golfers make this big golf swing to try and land the ball on a spot further away from themselves. They are just making the game harder.

So it you want to great golf tip and to develop great touch around the greens, try that little exercise and you WILL reap the benefits. Learn how to play golf the easy way and don’t just restrict yourself to using one or two clubs in your golf bag, use all your golf equipment. Even the pro’s are using fairway woods from fringes nowadays, so get imaginative. Let me know how it goes for you.

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Enjoy your game. Cheers. Jim Kennedy

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