Finding The Right Swing Model For Your Body Type

Finding The Right Swing Model For Your Body Type

G’day I’m Jim Kennedy and what I would like to talk to you about today is ‘Finding The Right Swing Model For Your Body Type.’ Traditional golf coaching is ‘1 MODEL’ fits all usually.In other words, I am so often flicking through a golf magazine and they will say something like, “You got to have your chin under the left shoulder at the top of your swing” or something along those lines. Now that is okay if you are a particular body type and you can fit into that body type model.

There are generally three different body types;

  1. Giraffe
    A Giraffe is usually as you can imagine by that image that comes to mind, someone that is tall and lanky. Their power will come from their long levers.
  2. Bear
    A Bear is Barrel chested or a stocky build with pop-eye type arms. He will get his power from the strong arms and is more of a hitter of the ball.
  3. Tiger
    A Tiger is someone with a more athletic type build. Their strength usually comes from their core.

Now you might have heard in traditional golf swing coaching that they are saying the power is coming out of the core and now that is okay if you have a Tiger Swing Model Type. However if you are a giraffe that has got long arms and limbs, you are going to get your power source out of those long levers. Now I haven’t got such long arm so I am not going to be able generate my power from there.

I just had Ben here in the indoor range and we were going through his swing model with him. He is quite solid in the chest and everything. When we did a simple test of moving your arm across the chest, it will get to a point where your arms runs out of room, your Peck muscle gets in the way and you start to bend it. Ben didn’t have a great deal of movement across his chest with his arm so he would be what I would call a ‘Bear’ type model. He will therefore have a shorter golf swing.

If you have a shorter golf swing and have Popeye forearms, you are going get the power by whipping it through with your hands. As you can now understand, you MUST first find the right model for you – whether you are a Giraffe, a Tiger or a Bear. Don’t try and be someone you are not.

Once you understand your Swing Model and Body Type, you can then decide if that tip is appropriate for you. As you can appreciate – a Bear is never going to have the flexibility of a Tiger or the leverage of a Giraffe. So trying to make a 90 degree shoulder turn for a Bear is never going to happen.

Not all golfers are built the same, so therefore not all golfers will swing it the same. So make sure you find the right swing model for you – THEN you will have much more success.

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