How The Game Has Changed From Play V’s Technique

How The Game Has Changed From Play V’s Technique

I can remember back when I was being coached by my Golf Pro / Coach – John Collins; he was an old school Golf Pro who taught me the importance of how to play golf or rather how to score around the golf course. We would go out on the course early in the morning, usually around 6am and he would throw balls in all sorts of lies and positions.The emphasis was on getting the ball in the hole for as least many shots as possible. JC as we called him said, “There aint no room on the scorecard to draw pictures, just enough room to write a number down.” So in his mind it didn’t matter how pretty it was or wasn’t, just as long as you got the ball in the hole, with whatever golf equipment or golf clubs you had in the bag at the time.And pretty it wasn’t sometimes! Playing a Pro-Am one day, I had the hooks going pretty bad. I stood up on the 10th tee 2 under par after hitting 1 green in regulation on the front nine, looked down the fairway and thought there is no way I can hit it down there with all those trees down the right hand side. So I proceeded to tee the ball up on a pencil on the right hand side of the tee box and hit the biggest high hook down the neighbouring fairway back over the trees on to our fairway. I couldn’t hit a slice if I wanted to back then.It was the only way I could get it somewhere down the fairway. It wasn’t pretty but with 3 chip-ins that day, I came home with a total of four under par to win. I did improve my stats on the back nine though, hitting 3 greens in regulation, but what counts most? On tour, the only question you get asked by a colleague is how many, – not how.When I would ask my fellow pros what did they shoot, some would want to start giving me an in depth report from hole to hole. My reply without sounding cold hearted or blunt would be, “do I need to put my spikes on again? I said how many, not how.” All that matters, as JC would say is what is written on the scorecard at the end of the day.

Nowadays, many youngsters think they must get bonus points for hitting it the longest or having the prettiest swing or a swing like Tiger Woods, but they can’t bust bubbles. With technology available today, the game should be so much easier (Golf Equipment these days make it hard to hit it offline, if you don’t believe me, try getting an old persimmon driver and take it out on the course. I did recently and boy – was it hard to hit), but is it? Some of these kids are so wound up in looking good that they forget the fundamentals of the game – best score wins.

Evidence of this is when you go to a regional amateur tournament of you see all the 1 and 2 handicappers shooting high 80’s and even into the 90’s. How can that be? They know how to play their own course, but when they get on other courses, they fail as they can’t shape the ball or play a chip and run when the greens are rock hard and so on. But yet they are the first to complain about the condition of the course.

So if you want to learn how to play the game of golf, play the game I loved to play where the fairways become out of bounds, so you had to hit it in the rough and play from there. Try it – its fun. Well, maybe not at first but when you learn to shape the ball, hit it high or low etc, then it become a lot of fun.

If you want to know more about this game, go to where you’ll find more details about it. I’d love to hear from those ‘Old School Guys’ if they can relate to this. With my next article I want to explore how technology has changed the way we play.

Until then,

Enjoy your game. Cheers. Jim Kennedy

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