Practice Like A Pro Even If You’re Not One Yet

Practice Like A Pro Even If You’re Not One Yet

My daughter Ally has just arrived home from cycling training with her boyfriend where they proceeded to do some stretching on the lounge room floor. It was such an important aspect of my golf and health, that stretching morning and night became a part of my daily routine. Their stretching highlighted an important aspect of my training and also my coaching that I pass on to young aspiring golfers to act like a pro before they become one.I suggested to him that if he wanted to become a pro cyclist, then he needs to start acting as if he already is one now. That would mean doing the 500 – 700 km’s per week, stretching and weight training. However he is far from that – you can draw your own conclusions to the results he would achieve with his practice schedule.My attitude; compliments of my coach, I was a golf-pro in training – meaning I was to practice just as a golf-pro would.  I was up early doing my aerobic training and weight training every other day and into my practice schedule according to my stats and the goals that I set from those.

Now even if you don’t want to become a pro, then I would suggest you practice as a pro would, rather than practicing like an amateur would. There’s a huge difference. I can hear you saying – yeah but; I don’t have the time!! Understood. However do you use your time practicing properly? Are you practicing as an amateur would or as a pro would?

If you change your practice habits you will change the results you are getting. Unless of course you are happy with the results you are getting – change what you are doing. The key to improvement is monitoring and fine-tuning. We can only do this if we are keeping good stats. Are you keeping good stats on your game?

With this attitude change, I was able to turn pro or at least start my apprenticeship as a Professional golfer and start winning tournaments. In fact the first event I entered was the New South Whales Trainees Championship, which I won by 5 strokes. Now I am not telling you this to impress you – more so to impress upon you the importance of attitude.

I had practiced for the whole of my second year as an amateur for this day, the day where I had nine holes to play and was leading coming into the final back nine. I practiced how I would act under pressure, simulated winning the Australian Open many times. Well it wasn’t quite the Australian open but never the less, there was still quite a presence of pressure. Pressure for some that was too great.

That was a beginning of my professional career that has led me to many victories in many countries and has been a great metaphor for life. When we feel the pressure of life coming down upon us, we need to check in and breathe, think clearly. We need to practice for those big days, what we will do when we get under pressure!

Meditation and visualisation became a huge part of my practice routine, and yes you may laugh just as many of my fellow colleagues did back then, but where are they today? They were the ones to falter under pressure. We can all play great when there is no pressure on, but can you do it under pressure.

If you would like to know more about my meditations and visualisation routines or what I found to be the most comprehensive way of keeping statistics on your game, then go to

In the meantime, if you have any stories how you have coped with tournament pressure in the past, please let me know. If you want to know my thoughts on how practiced attitudes have changed today, stay tuned for my next blog.

Enjoy your journey. Cheers. Jim Kennedy

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