Swing Model vs Swing Your Way

Swing Model vs Swing Your Way

I often get asked, can you teach me how to swing it like Tiger Woods Swings the golf club. I always reply, can first get the body of Tiger Woods, then I will teach it to you. It’s great for kids or Junior golfers to have role models, but it doesn’t mean you have to swing it like them.What I have learnt after teaching many years in different countries, the reality of two people swinging it the same is near impossible. I even taught twins once, one played off a 2 handicap and the other off a 1 handicap. You would think that having the same physiques, been in the same club, exposed to the same Golf Pro, they would swing it the same – No!.I couldn’t believe how different their swings were. After you start talking to them about their swing model, you could understand why their golf swings were so different. They both had different beliefs. In fact one like to draw the ball and the other wanted to fade the ball.

When I asked Karsten why he like to fade the ball, he said, “When I was younger I was taught to draw the ball, my draw turned into an uncontrollable hook sometimes. I lost a club championship because of that hook. I was coming up the last, 1 shot in front and hooked it out of bounds. I ended up losing by a shot and swore I was never going to hook it again.” Interesting.

When I asked his brother Michael why he liked to draw the ball, he said, “I was always taught to draw the ball, so that’s all I know.” Amazing I thought, both had the same coaching, were taught by the same Golf Pro, only one had a negative experience or a more painful experience that he wanted to avoid again. When I checked out their golf bags, they even had different golf equipment.

So my point is here, it is very difficult to have a swing the same as someone else – not impossible though. If you are going to have someone to model your swing off (Swing Model as I call it), then I would suggest that you pick someone of a similar stature to yours. So if you are 5’6” and want to swing it like Ernie Els, it’s never going to happen. You would be better off picking someone like Gary Player for example.

If you are Barrel chested like a Lee Westward say, then you won’t be able to swing it like Tiger Woods. You won’t have the flexibility, moveability and certainly not the core strength of a Tiger Woods. What is more important is that you develop a swing model that is going to suit you. Look at players with similar body shapes to yours, study their swings and take what you like and add it to your swing model.

At the end of the day, our goal is to build a repetitive swing that will lead to consistency and be able to hold up under pressure. So rather than looking for an ideal ‘Swing Model’ look to build your ‘Own Swing Model’ that will best suit you. It will save you many hours even years of frustration.

If you want to know more on how body shape effects your swing, go to www.learntoplaybettergolf.com

Until next time;

Enjoy your game. Cheers. Jim Kennedy

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