The Importance Of Teaching And Fitting

The Importance Of Teaching And Fitting

I just wanted to let you know how I went with Warren after our fitting session the other day. As I said that I would not be happy fitting a set a clubs to someone whose ball flight is not consolidated and consistent. After we spent a session indoors on the nflight launch monitor, it was clear that we needed to proceed to the lesson tee before going any further.Our next session was out on the tee and we worked on his balance and co-ordination in the swing to reduce the amount of upper body lunging he was doing at the top of his down swing. You may remember his ball-flight was too low which was a result of this lateral movement with his upper body too soon.We go out on the range and got him working on his balance. I use a drill which for left hander’s is the left foot behind the right ( For right hander’s the right foot behind the left). As we started to work on this drill, he realised how poor his balance was. Now our balance will affect our ball contact, and although his ball contact wasn’t all that bad, there was also room for improvement.

Using face tapes we saw that improvement immediately. He also saw a huge improvement in the amount of (or should I say lack of) draw spin he was now imparting on the ball. It was now negligible, the ball moved ever so slight from left to right for him now. He was totally astounded by the remarkable improvement.

We then go to hitting the ball with both feet together and then after he has got the feel for that, we hit the ball with the feet apart. He went from hitting these big hooks to hitting just a slight draw if not straight. The golf Lesson finished on a positive note with a great result.

So that was out on the range. What about the course? Well he went out to play his normal Wednesday morning round of golf and proceeded to shoot the best round of his life. Now as a 9 handicapper who usually shoots mid 80’s with the occasional round under 80, he went out the very next day and shot 74 off the stick – fantastic. Warren was over the moon.

So where do we go from here. I said to him to consolidate that feeling a bit more and next week we’ll catch up again on the launch monitor to see exactly what that has meant in numbers regarding ball flight. What we can expect now is his ball to be flying higher, as it already has shown to do, and then we can continue on with the fit using this ideal ball flight.

We’ll also get a better idea of the gapping he needs between clubs, ie what loft driver would best suit him and therefore fairway woods to match and what irons will make up the rest of the set, to make sure he is getting the most out of his golf equipment that he has in his golf bag.

I’ll keep you posted as to how we go next week. If you have any club fitting questions, then shoot them in and I’ll answer them for you or if you would like to know more on club fitting, go to

Until next time.

Enjoy your game. Cheers. Jim Kennedy

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