Drive Your Golf Ball Further

Drive Your Golf Ball Further

With Technology and advancements in golf going faster than the speed of light, it never ceases to amaze me when they come up with something new for the golf market.When I was looking at patenting my golf radius training aid, I was told by my patent lawyer to go and spend a day in the Patent Library in Dortmund Germany. I was amazed to see the things they come up with that were just simply useless; needless to say most of them never went to market.

Most of these designs came from mug golfers, just trying to come up with a solution to their problem and not understanding where their problem came from in the first place.

However, this latest innovation is different. Professionals have designed this who also have a passion for golf. Laird Hamilton, professional surfer has taken his experiences from riding big waves to riding the fairways never thought of before.

We are talking about the golf board.

Most advancement in technology and new designs are mostly targeted to improving your golf game, the golf board will increase your enjoyment of the game.

It will change the your experience out on the golf course. I agree with the designers when they say it allows you to get more in touch with the topography of the course. I imagine you would get a better feel for slopes whether up or downhill or a sideward lie.

I can also imagine it would help speed up play as you can ride just about everywhere you want to walk. If you want to find out more on how to speed up play though, then check out my article on Tips to Play Better, Faster Golf. Along with those benefits, there are many more.

I could also see that it would improve your game by improving your balance. As we improve our balance, we also improve the contact with the sweet spot, therefore giving us greater accuracy and distance control. As I love to surf, I would definitely be in on this latest gimmick.

I call it a gimmick because it is one of those trendy things to have, not a necessity, just fun. It would certainly improve compaction rates around the greens as electric carts pose a huge problem for greenkeepers and course maintenance.

Being electric, there would be limited noise disturbance to your playing partners and as you can see from the above images, it would allow you to carry your bag, or have a bag mount.

I see it has great potential, although I think there will be 2 clearly separate opinions on it. You either love it or hate. Just before you start hating it, if that’s your stance, imagine how great it would be getting the kids to come out and caddy for you. That would be incentive enough for them to join you out on the course.

When you speak to most Golf Professionals, they were often introduced to golf through their parents. It may not suit the older generation and we could see the injury stats go up, but I think it is a small sacrifice for injecting a new form of enjoyment into the game.

As for the technical aspects of the golf board, it is said to be able to travel at top speed of 12mph (17Kmph), so at a fast jogging speed (or if you are like me, as fast as I can sprint). Will have enough battery life to travel 18 holes and will only take 2hrs to recharge.

Just a bit too long if you wanted to play 36 holes in a day, so may need a second Golf Board as a back up for the 2nd time round. It is utilizes a 4wd posit traction system so therefore you shouldn’t have any troubles gliding over the grass on the 3.5″W x 9″H turf tires.

There is a hand held controller that will allow the user to accelerate and more importantly brake effortlessly. All in all I think it will be a real goer and has already hit it’s targeted 100K pledged by golf fans.

Check out the video release for more info on the new Golf Board and keep your eye out for one near you soon.


Jim Kennedy

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