Learn To Play Better Golf

How You Can Lower Your Handicap and Beat Your Mates Consistently From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Learn To Play Better Golf Coaching Program

Jim Kennedy developed a strong passion to share what has had a huge impact on not only his golf game, but also on his students. He has coached literally thousands of golfers from all different levels and helped them turn their game around in a remarkable short period of time. Jim has proven strategies of how quickly he can get results with his own game.

You’ve probably already heard about how Jim got his handicap down to 1 twenty-four months from first picking up a golf club. So many people have asked “how’d you do it?” and “can you show me how to do the same thing?” that he has decided to put together this mentoring program Learn How to Play Better Golf.

After many years of research… Jim discovered how science and biomechanics supports his teaching philosophies…. with proven results! If you would like some one-on-one hand holding to fast-track your game, then here’s how Jim Kennedy can help you with a step-by-step program where he shows you exactly what you need to do ..

Get personal access to Jim Kennedy and the Your Golf Place team and be a part our Golfing Community.

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Join Jim’s Practical, Easy-To-Use, “Learn to Play Better Golf” Coaching Program For Just $49 Per Month

Here’s what’s included:

12 points

    • 4 x 15 min PERSONAL RESCUE calls with Jim – As a VIP member, these can be used just before an important game or when you get stuck. This is a valuable resource for those times when you feel blocked or need some clarity to push you through the barrier and take you to the next level. Together, we’ll be able to overcome your unique Golf Game challenges and make a leap forward from your current level to a whole new playing field.

    • Weekly eClasses emailed directly to you. These take you step-by-step through the whole Golf Swing, Short Game, Putting, mental, playing and practicing aspects with heaps of tools, drills, tips and templates. These are the ones I wished I had when I was starting out. Not only will you learn about your unique golf swing and game, but also how to gain more control and consistency that will also shave shots off your handicap!

    • Your Unique Golf DNA System. This includes how to discover your unique swing model as no two swings are the same and therefor cannot all be taught the same way or same positions. You will finally understand why you have been trying to get the club into a certain position or to make a particular move and it has just been plain impossible for you to achieve.

    • Personalized Live Swing Analysis – Jim will critique your golf swing as if you are standing on the tee with him. Unique software allows him to Analyze your swing while you’re sitting in your living room. Additionally, you will receive a putting and short game analysis utilizing the same technology. Soon to be launched.

    • Swing Drills Vault – VIP Members Only Access to Jim’s Private Locker Room Drills to fast-track your improvement. These drills will allow you to practice in the comfort of your own home. Swing changes will become instant and save you time by eliminating the need to drive out to the course or range to spend hours practicing.

    • A Personalized Practice Plan. When you do go out on the course or range, you will know exactly where to focus your time and energy. Get the most out of your practice rather than spending hours just wasting your time on irrelevant drills or hitting balls. By monitoring and measuring your results – you will know instantly and exactly what you need to practice. Fail to plan – plan to fail.

    • 2 x Audios – Fast Track Your Swing Success and Golf Game Success Re-programming your mind for success. The insider secrets that Golf Pro’s don’t want you to know so you will have to keep coming back for more lessons. Understand how you can re-program your mind and swing that will fast-track your swing and game success – just like I did.

    • Exclusive access to monthly webinars with Experts in the Golf industry. Some of these will include access to specialists in their field, which only tour players or golf pros can access. You will be part of a privileged group here and access their tricks of the trade.

    • Become ‘Mentally Tough’. Jim shares with you why he was considered one of the most Mentally Tough players out on tour. Learn how to play in the zone and special concentration exercises that will allow you to switch on and be razor sharp on the course. This will save you all those Brain Fade moments you currently experience on the course that destroy your scores. Also discover how to cope with tournament pressure and avoid choking down the home stretch.

    • Get ‘Golf Fit’. Understand why going to the gym or a personal trainer can do more harm to your swing than good. Learn from the Leading Golf Fitness experts and improve your golf strength, prevent injury and improve your swing for your body type.

    • Jims’ Short Game System. This is the same system Jim used to get the ball up and down out of a ball washer. By understanding levers and how they control ball flight, spin and roll, you will be on your way to dropping shots faster than a teenager with an ITunes voucher. This also includes that most frustrating distance from 40 – 100 yards out, finally how to control your distance wedges.

  • Email Support. There’s always going to be times when you are ready to hit the panic button. Don’t despair – just contact us. As Tommy Bolt best put it, “The mind messes up more than the body.” Get clarity through unlimited email support.

Find out more:- Learn To Play Better Golf

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